Umutenge Highlight: Where does this new life belong?

September 7th, 2017

Mother Sylvia intervenes and tries to save her daughter from the harrowing experience that is procuring an abortion. Will Mr. Ngata’s intervention help? Catch #ZMUmutenge every Monday to Wednesday at 20:00 only on Zambezi Magic!

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Zed Top 10 Highlight: Cleo, Zambia’s Queen of Rap!

K-Chinga gets the scoop on Cleo’s glamorous life and successful career in the world of Hip Hop!

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“Mari Mari” debuts on the Zim Top 10 chart

Queen Vee and Souljah Luv are shaking things up across speaker systems both sides of the Limpopo! Catch the “Mari Mari” premiere on Zambezi Magic!

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Dorika: Parental Issues

This is the one guest Dorika didn’t expect to pitch up at her doorstep.

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