Spoiler Highlight: Blame it on the Ganja!

September 13th, 2017

Spoiler’s step-mother has fast warmed up to the pesky neighbour and has been flirting with him! Spoiler’s father remains hopelessly naïve about it. Monster gives Spoiler his first taste of marijuana. It is all downhill from there! WATCH!

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Fever: The special maid

Hazel finally gets the answers to why Rex treats Masozi differently to Lister, the other maid, and the answer isn’t pleasant.

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Zim Top 10: 06-05-17

The Zim Top 10 is back! Take a look at who topped the charts this week!

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New and exciting Snakes & Ladders!

Catch our Brand new Drama Series from Monday 07 August at 19:30.

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