Brand new COTGRIT on Zambezi Magic!

September 26th, 2017

Four distinct villages share the water of the great Zambezi river. A crisis among the four villages is brewing because of one Chief Nshimbi who has selfishly erected a barrier across the great river to make a dam for his people. Meanwhile, Chief Nshimbi is about to host a flawed dancing competition for young men in the four villages in which the winner would also marry his daughter Kasuba.

What Chief Nshimbi does not know is that his independent minded daughter is in love with the stubborn son of Chief Mumba in the next village. What Chief Nshimbi does not also know is that one of the contestants coming in the competition is his believed to have died in a croc-attack, the versatile son Kayula, now renamed Mwisa from Nkana village.
Secrets of certain past events, fly back with a vengeance to disrupt the order of things among the tribes of the great Zambezi river.

An intriguing story of secrets, deception and love coming to Zambezi Magic screens from 2 October 2017!

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